Custom Work.

Custom Work.

Regular price $200

So, you want me to paint (for) you?

Here's how we gonna do this:

   1. You buy this item here.

   2. Now, you are opening you email to see your confirmation. 

   3. You reply with desired picture(s) that you want me to use as inspiration. Feel free to throw in a backstory if you think it would help to paint a picture. I will send you an email that I got your pics.

   4. Now you wait..I know, it sucks...but keep in mind that within 5 business days I will email you a photo of your art piece. 

   5. You look and tell me you love it, or if you don't love it, pls tell me why, so I can see if I can make it so you absolutely love it. And, believe me, I want you to love it, I want to create something you fell in love with. That's happiness for me!

   6. Once you are in love, painting goes in the mail, and it will arrive b/w 6 - 8 business days, depending where you live on this Earth, you know... 


A little more extra info:

Custom painting is an original, one of a kind piece, painted & signed by me.

Payment in advance.

Watercolor painting, 9" x 12" (if you have different size in mind, email me for a quote / availability )